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St Patrick's Catholic Primary School

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Understanding the World

Foundation have been reflecting on important events in our lives so far and sequencing them in order- birthdays, crawling, first steps and going to school

Exploring artefacts from the past

Inspired by this weeks story Peepo we sorted objects into groups, those that are modern and those that are old

Our Diwali Experience

Dressing up in traditional Indian clothes

Making traditional Indian sweets

Making Rangoli patterns using chalk

Making Rangoli pictures using 2d shapes

Printing to create a firework display

We are learning to construct simple structures and models using a range of materials. Here we have created our version of the forest where Rama and Sita lived

More dancing and Diwali celebrations with our St Patrick’s family

Sharing traditional food prepared for us by our parents

Exploring seasonal changes with an autumn walk

Using digital devices to take digital images on our autumn walk

Exploring and sorting autumn treasures

Exploring leaves

Pumpkin picking and exploring textures

Observational drawings of pumpkins

From caterpillar to butterfly

Making habitats for hibernating animals

We have been thinking of ways to innovate this weeks story the Liitle Red Hen. We thought that she must be very tired doing all the work by herself, so we decided to help her make some bread. We followed a simple recipe that included weighing and measuring.

We have been learning to identify common features for different groups of animals, including wild and domestic animals. Nocturnal animals are awake during the night and sleep in the daytime. Diurnal animals are awake in the day and sleep at night time. We sorted animals into two groups Diurnal and Nocturnal animals.

Marvellous Minibeasts

Inspired by our book hook "Whatever Next" by Jill Murphy we sorted foods into groups that are healthy and unhealthy. We carefully considered Baby Bear's unhealthy choices that he took in his picnic to the moon and made him a healthy alternative of a fruit kebab rocket.

People change as they grow. We shared the story "Once There Were Giants" by Martin Waddell and encouraged the children to compare the family in the story to their own family. We discussed how we have changed since we were babies, both in our appearance and what we are able to do. We then created a timeline of events using photographs of ourselves. .

The Creation

Roleplaying a baptism

Foundation Remember