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St Patrick's Catholic Primary School

Loving, Learning, Laughing

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Central to our policy is that we believe that every child is made in the image and likeness of God.


Our children's mission statement:

Loving - Laughing - Learning

We are God's Amazing Gift underpins our approach to our children. 


St. Patrick’s Primary is an inclusive school that meets the needs of a range of children this includes those with complex family backgrounds as well as those with a range of special needs. At St. Patrick’s, we aim to be a school where children can feel safe as well as learn, be confident and happy as this underpins our Catholic ethos of seeing Christ in every child that we teach.  Many children need help to manage and articulate their emotions. Children who find it most difficult to conform to ‘good behaviour’ need to be treated with respect and made to feel valued. We aim to give our children the capacity to explain any issues to us in a clear way so that we can put support in place for them. The aim is that the children feel valued and respected that we care, but class and learning expectations are to be maintained with planned for support offered to reassure the child as well.


Effective teaching and learning is dependent upon positive relationships between staff and pupils, as well as peer on peer relationships. It is essential that staff are consistent when enforcing the school rules with high expectations and will challenge unacceptable behaviour.


At St. Patrick’s we have based our policy on an overwhelmingly positive approach towards managing behaviour. The policy is based on high expectations, golden rules, incentives, and when required sanctions. The policy is based on children having a consistent approach to how to manage their own behaviour with a full understanding of what is expected and not expected of them in our school. Consistency in our approach and providing our children with a very clear structure to adhere to will be key to the success of our policy.