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St Patrick's Catholic Primary School

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School Mission and Ethos

At Saint Patrick's, our children are at the heart of all that we do as too often we are the only experience of church that they have. We endeavour therefore to show them the love God has for them and this underpins all we do as a school. Liturgy is central to all we are trying to achieve with our children and the opportunities for child led liturgy and worship afford them a variety of opportunities to explore their faith, share experiences and grow in love of self and God. 


As a Catholic school we have a duty to ensure that students have the opportunity to take part in Mass on Holy Days of Obligation, to celebrate important events in the life of the school and to give students the opportunity to take part in liturgies which celebrate important aspects of the Church Calendar and which help to promote the school’s Catholic identity, for instance Advent Services, Ash Wednesday Services, Penitential Services, Holy Week Liturgies, Class Masses and class collective worship.


Students are enabled to engage actively in worship and sharing the Word of God. This reinforces the importance and relevance of these within their own lives and gives them the chance to serve and minister to their peers and to staff as well. Children are also encouraged to use their gifts and talents to help the whole community of St. Patrick's to access liturgy through different media e.g. music, dance, art, drama, ICT and so on – we all learn in a variety of ways and so need to experience liturgy being presented to us in different ways. This is evident within our Come and See assemblies and Masses.


Our teaching at St. Patrick’s is truly rooted within the teaching of Christ. Our religious life stretches far beyond the RE curriculum and is an integral part of daily life within school. This enables the children to develop a deep faith, respect and love of one another and helps them to understand the world around them. We will update the page throughout the year with how we live out our Faith.