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St Patrick's Catholic Primary School

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School Improvement

We constantly look to improve the work of our school and the outcomes for pupils.

We prepare a School Improvement Plan which is the strategic document we use to focus our improvement work each year.

This document is updated throughout the year and evaluated for impact at the end of each term.

Please find a summary version of the School Improvement Plan 2022 - 2023 below:


Priority 1: To provide an enriched curriculum which enables our pupils’ ambition and love of learning and equips them with the skills, knowledge and cultural capital they need to access aspirational pathways and experiences to prepare them for life outside of school and education.


Priority 2:  To further improve the quality of education for disadvantaged pupils through an effective pupil premium strategy so that progress continues to accelerates, and gaps are addressed between disadvantaged pupils and non-disadvantaged pupils across the whole curriculum.


Priority 3: To further improve attainment and progress in writing outcomes in all year groups so that all pupils acquire the stamina and ability to write across the curriculum and for a ranges of purposes.     



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